Atlas HO Master Silver NdeM U30B PH2 #9740

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Get the Atlas HO Master Silver NdeM U30B PH2 #9740 at today.  We carry the finest HO Scale Diesel Locomotives on the internet.

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Add the Atlas HO Master Silver NdeM U30B PH2 #9740 diesel locomotive to your HO Scale Model Railroad.

Powered by a V16 FDL prime mover, the 3,000 h.p. U30B was GE’s answer to EMDs popular GP40 and ALCOs C430 Locomotive. A total of 295 U30Bs were built by GE between 1966 and 1975.

This model represents a “phase 2” U30B locomotive. The primary spotting feature of phase 2 units was the hood below the radiator, which was evenly built out to the same width as the radiator. A U30B could be differentiated from the lower-horsepower U23B by the presence of two sets of four tall engine access doors near the center of the long hood. During production, the U30B was equipped with various trucks, including Blomberg trucks from EMD trade-in locomotives, AAR-style trucks, or GE’s own four-axle “FB2” truck.


  • Snow plow (included when appropriate per road name)
  • Separately-applied scale detail parts include: windshield wipers, metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, multiple-unit hoses, train line hoses, fine scale handrails, drop steps and more!
  • Five pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds
  • Directional lighting with Golden-white LEDs
  • Blackened metal wheels

Special Features:

  • Optional high short hood
  • Optional low nose headlights
  • Low nose cab with square or round headlight housing used where appropriate per road name
  • AAR-B, FB-2 or Blomberg trucks used where appropriate per road name

Atlas Master Series Silver Additional Features:

  • NMRA 8-pin plug for DCC (Decoder-ready)

Road Name  NdeM  (Nationale de Mexico)

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